The Way Back Home

Explore the world through the perspective of a child in The Way Back Home, an interactive storytelling experience.

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Artisan links fans with their favourite idol all in one place!

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Developed as part of the Software Engineering module, MARIA was created and poised as a keyboard alternative for a daily task manager.

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Elude deals with the issue of clinical depression and was created as part of a summer programme over at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Developed with Orge3D, Sense marked my first step working with a game engine.

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COMG2 further touch on the topic of computer graphics. Inspired by Okami, COMG2 aims to simulate the rich and colorful environment.

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Alpha Speed Engine

A self written game engine that allows myself to rapidly develop games.

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Multiplayer comes into action with the development of Spacecraft.

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Computer Graphics Assignment

An introductory assignment to the computer graphics module taken during my polytechnic years.

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Snake Snack

The first 'real' application that I had developed, Snake Snack takes players back to the time where graphics were rendered in 8-bit style.

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Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue was one of the defining side project of my game development journey. It was the first 3D programming experience that I had.

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White Sheet

White Sheet was created for for the 2007 Game Maker Winter Competition.

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Spidey Boy

Being one of the first few games that I have developed, Spidey Boy has allowed me to finally bring my childhood ideas to life.

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