Spidey Boy

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With the discovery of video games creation, it sparks the greatest decision that I've made in my life.

Spidey Boy was the first game that I have made when I first started out in video games development back in 2004. As a 13 year old kid, I was always fascinated with puzzle and game books. Books where readers were tasked to solve puzzle and navigate mazes. Being also a fan of adventure games like The Legend of Zelda series on the GameBoy, I was determined to make a game that captures that fun and excitement I had when I was reading them. I enjoy the fact that I could collect items like keys, open doors and face monsters. Spidey Boy was the product of these imaginations.

*Slight modification has been made to allow Spidey Boy to run online in html5.

Grab the key and get to the door. Dodge the spiders and collect apples to increase your health. Leave apple slices to attract spiders!

WASD - Move player
Spacebar - Leave apple slices.
Left Click - For more information on item.